Design Studio

Origination of Woven Tapes. Woven Labels And Fabric Printed Labels can be done by our Design Studio. Our team consists of Artists. Jacquard Designers and Graphics Software Operators.

Different garments require different stylings and a good artwork may not be a good label. We help making a better label with alternatives so our customers can choose the best label that suits the products.

Do send us an email to utilize the creative services of our Design Studio. You may give us a try by sending a rough sketch of require elements to improve upon


Good archival system.

Good archival system.


Export deliveries by reputed air courier. .


Deliveries by reputed surface courier within India. . .


Good order tracking system. Order status i.e. probable delivery dates and despatch details.


500 polyester yarn shades in stock for woven labels and 100 polyester / nylon yarn shades for elastic


The artworks can be sent by e-mail for approval.

Product Range

  • Gripper with Canvas
  • Printed Woven Elastic Tapes(substitutes for jacquard elastics)
  • Woven Tapes(non elastic) (Plain or print)
  • Fabric printed labels
  • Woven Labels(slit-edge & ultrasonic edge)
  • Woven Edge Woven Labels
  • Woven-edge substrates
  • PVC Hangers
  • Non-Woven Elastic Grippers
  • Suit Covers
  • Carry Bag
  • Collar Bones
  • Buttons(Shirts/Coat)
  • Belt Rolls/Collars
  • Ready Pockets